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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Over 3 gigs of free mp3 downloads from SXSW

2007 SXSW Showcasing Band MP3s (Torrent)

Click today's link to start downloading over 3 gigabytes of hot new indie music, featuring showcase artists from the 2007 South-by-Southwest art and music festival in Austin Texas.
SXSW is a cool festival with lots of shows, where all kinds of new bands get their big break. It sounds like a load of fun, and I would like to go someday. It runs from March 9 to 18 this year.

The link requires Bit Torrent software to work. If you haven't used Torrents before, you'll be able to download the free software here. And yes, it's completely legal, although some people use Bittorrent for other purposes too.

If you'd rather pick-and-choose songs by band name, try this link instead. 3 gigabytes of mp3s is a LOT!

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