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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coolest iPhone App, so far - Yelp

EASTER EGG: Yelp Is the iPhone's First Augmented Reality App -

Yelp is a great iPhone app that uses the GPS to find restaurants, shopping and businesses that are close to your location, with reviews out of 5 stars for everything.  Yesterday, a new version of Yelp was released with a hidden feature: augmented reality.  "Augmented Reality" is a new buzz word which means that data is overlaid on the "real world".

Back to Yelp.  If you download the updated version and shake the iPhone 3 times, then you can turn on the "Monocle" feature.  Monocle turns on your iPhone's camera, and shows pop-up tags of restaurants (and stuff) over whatever you're looking at.  If you spin around, the camera image turns and new business pop ups appear.

Don't believe my ham-fisted explanation, check out the page for the youtube video.

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