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Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 Artaban Hockey Pool

Frank has put together a Camp Artaban hockey pool for the 2009-2010 NHL Regular Season, and asked me to promote it.

Here is the point breakdown and rules:

It's really easy to enter:
- There are 16 categories. Choose 1 player (or 2 defense) from each category.
- Email your choices to Frank by Oct 1st.
- 5 dollars entry can be sent to Frank by Nov 1st.
Frank's email address is:

I've attached the file as an Excel document, but you can also download it from: Artaban Hockey Pool.xls

Here's how you get points:
1 point goal
1 point assist
2 points win (Goalies)
2 points shutout (Goalies)

The Grand prize is a real live dragon. Or maybe a new car. Actually, it's a new trophy that will be passed from winner to winner every year. The winner will also receive a custom Artaban t-shirt, that they will be able to keep permanently. Any proceeds (after paying for the prize and the Officepools site) will be going to Camp Artaban.

To follow the pool along through the season, go to
login: artaban
password: artaban

Feel free to forward this to any people that have been to Artaban.
All the best,

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