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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Metro Vancouver Bike Routes

For local travel around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland on evenings and weekends, where are the bike routes in your neighbourhood?

As a driver or pedestrian, you might not be aware of just how extensive the cycling networks are throughout the entire Lower Mainland.  Whether you are considering commuting to work or looking for a leisurely weekend ride, you don’t have to battle heavy traffic or ride like a maniac to be a cyclist. Many bike routes are on quieter streets that are just one or two blocks away from the busiest driving routes, with direct routes and cyclist-activated traffic lights.  Other bike routes are on busy streets with designated bike lanes, where motorists will leave you alone.  Our local governments have been working hard to make riding a bike a safer and more accessible option for you and other Lower Mainland residents to enjoy this summer.


Translink has a great cycling page, with maps and links to make riding a bike in the Lower Mainland safer and easier.

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