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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Free TV for the Internet Age


Skype totally disrupted the long-distance calling industry with free phone calls over the internet. Now the founders of Skype have started a new enterprise, Joost. Joost aims to do for TV over the internet, what Skype did for long distance calls.

Imagine Youtube with real "tv shows" from real television, combined with internet user content. It's full-screen on your computer, and on-demand, so you can watch it anytime you want. It's for Mac and Windows. And it's free, like television should be. Joost currently has channels from Canada's Much Music, poker tournaments, Ministry of Sound , Vancouver's Nettwerk record label, World's Strongest Man, Fight Network, documentaries, videos and more. Maybe it's not "essential" TV yet, but I'm sure more content will be added all the time.

They started under the code name "The Venice Project". At the moment they are in beta-mode, so you have to sign-up and wait for them to offer you the software to download. I got accepted yesterday, downloaded the software and I'm pretty impressed. The software works really well and the video quality looks really good. This is going to be huge!


Evan said...

Way to go Skype creators! Joost sounds like it is going to be a massive hit. From what I have seen around the internet and blogs, they have done a good job with the UI. Hopefully Joost can get some good content and if they do, they are golden! I wish I could get my hand on a beta client.

Anonymous said...

Re: to Link Jockey, there is a website that allows to watch free internet tv without downloading any form of software. It is This website impressed me with the GUI compared to most sites. It streams live tv as well. Cool huh! check it out and hope you post a comment to inform if you have checked out the website. cheers