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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What's on TV in Canada?

Best TV listings for Canadians: Sympatico / MSN TV Listings/ TV Guide

Mrs. Linkjockey doesn't like me flipping through every single channel, trying to find something interesting to watch on the boob tube, and the local cable company's listing is too slow for me. Yesterday, I saw a review of all the TV listings sites on the Internet... for Americans. You enter your postal code, and the sites tell you what's on television in your area. None of the sites worked for Canadian postal codes. None.

So I did some of my own research, and discovered that the best results for me, the best TV listings for Canadians comes from old reliable TV Guide . They show listings for cable, digital cable, satellite providers and antenna for your postal code, over a 2 hour window. They show all the channels on the same window, and if you click on the name of a show, you get a little synopsis. In other words, they provide everything you're looking for, without actually streaming the show to you.

Honourable mention: Canadian Cable Listings from TV Times
If your TV provider isn't listed on TV Guide, TV Times may have a better selection of TV providers. The only downside is that they only show 20 channels at once. And my dad was telling me that TV magazines are dying.

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