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Monday, June 11, 2007

Definitive Local Vancouver Blog media

Beyond Robson

The internet is known for being "international" and "global", but it's much more difficult to get credible information on a local scale. Sure I can check out websites for local TV and newspapers, but I'm looking for local content that is unique, and web specific.

Beyond Robson covers News, Film, Music, Fashion, Arts, the Vancouver Olympics, Vancouver Nightlife and Events, Sports, Food, and Technology. Hmm... this looks like the same stuff covered by the "real media", except that Beyond Robson is a lot fresher, it's hyperlinked, and has that quirky, original content that you don't get anywhere else.

Purporting to be about "the best of Vancouver culture", there's a daily news posting of links to articles, called Morning Brew, which covers local politics in a way that isn't considered cheerleading. There are entries on Vancouver's all-female roller derby league, the Music Waste festival, a story on local band Parlour Steps, editorials on the anti-Olympic protests, hot nightclubs and events, and tons of other cool stuff. If you're a resident or visiting Vancouver, Beyond Robson will point you to what's hot!

They're part of Freshdaily, which also covers Toronto and Montreal. Freshdaily aims to be Canada's first national blog network, although they've yet to launch officially. Finally, the internet is getting more local!

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