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Friday, June 8, 2007

What does it take to run a successful business in NYC?

The Profit Calculator - New York Magazine

What does it take to make a profit in New York City?

It's tough to run a business in the world's most competitive city, New York. New York Magazine has 21 mini case studies on a wide range of successful businesses in NYC, where success is often measured by just having the resources to pay the rent. Some of the businesses are legit, some are illegal, but this information is intriguing.

Direct links to the case studies are posted here:

A Yellow-Cab Driver: Samuel Pekoh
A Four-Star Restaurant: Nobu
A Drug Dealer: 'Nick'
A Private School: Horace Mann School
A Private Investigator: Michael McKeever
A Department Store: Macy's Herald Square
A Diner: Silver Star
A Drug Company: Pfizer
A Soup Kitchen: Yorkville Common Pantry
A Financial Firm: Goldman Sachs
A Yoga Studio: Joschi Body Bodega
A Midtown Building: 666 Fifth Avenue
A Sex Shop: Babeland
A Baseball Team: New York Yankees
A Discount Store: Jack’s 99¢ Stores
A Museum: Museum of Modern Art
A Pizza Place: Nina’s Argentinian Pizzeria
A Clothing Store: H&M Flagship
A Copy Shop: Copyland
A Publishing Company: Random House
City Government: The City of New York

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

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