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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

12 Great Music Mashup Sites

It's Music Tuesday at Linkjockey HQ, and today we have a collection of mash-up links.

Mashups are a musical genre where unrelated songs are remixed together in new ways, often without the permission of the original artists. While music fans are growing increasingly frustrated with major labels, and the bland offerings on commercial radio, edgy mashups are pushing boundaries and generating excitement by breathing new life into old songs.

Here are 12 music mashup sites with free downloads.

The Hood Internet
Great Mashup artist that posts awesome new tracks every few days. Highlights include R.Kelly and Broken Social Scene, Justice and Destiny’s Child, and Ghostface Killah (from Wu Tang Clan) and Spoon.

Splice Music
A DIY community formed around mashups for artists, with sample exchanges, forums and finished remixes. Go, go remix culture!

Get Your Bootleg On
A forum with recommendations and links to mashups, compilations and DJ mixes. Registration required.

good blimey
Streaming audio site, with over 2,700 mashups available for listening and free download.

Danger Mouse – The Grey Album
Before he was Crazy in Gnarls Barkley, DJ Danger Mouse was creating a firestorm by “illegally” remixing the Beatles and Jay-Z in the Grey Album.

Mashup of 50 Cent with operatic hair-rockers, Queen, repeating the successful theme of mixing current hiphop lyrics with classic rock instrumentation.

Mashup Town
A blog that tracks the latest mash-ups, big and small, with links to free downloads.

Mash-up artists
Party Ben
Mash-up artist, featuring The Police vs Snow Patrol in “Every Car You Chase”.

CCC mashups

DJ Earworm
Featuring Stairway to Bootleg Heaven.

The Godfathers of Mashups
got banned and sued for their classic mashup of U2 with Casey Kasem.

John Oswald
Before Negativland, there was Canadian, John Oswald, who made Plunderphonics, which are really intricate mashup albums with bits of tape.

Today’s Link source: Metafilter

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