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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Free Daily Jazz mp3 download

Free Jazz Downloads - all about jazz

If you're like me (which you may or may not be), you like jazz, you respect it, but don't know much about modern jazz, other than those songs by Herbie Hancock and Bobby McFerrin, and wouldn't know where to begin to learn more.

One of the premier Jazz sites, all about jazz, lets you download a new track from their site everyday, for free after creating a barebones login with just an email address and password. Sure it could be easier to subscribe to a podcast, but where else are you going to get free jazz downloads.

all about jazz call themselves "The World's Largest Jass Music Website", and I'm not going to disagree. In addition to their DRM-free digital music store, they have great articles, podcasts, guides, links and reviews of new and old jazz albums. What? You know somewhere else that has comprehensive reviews of new jazz albums? Or jazz interviews and concert reviews? I didn't think so. Hurray for all about jazz!!!

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