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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Download the Wu (215 free mp3s)

Wu-Tang Corp - media downloads

It's Music Tuesday, and we have a little hip hop for you. Actually, there's a lot of free mp3s to download.

Hip hop juggernauts, The Wu Tang Clan, have posted 215 classic tracks on their website. There's hits, album cuts, live performances, remixes, alternate versions, freestyles, demos, mixtape entries, and more from 2003 to 2005.

It gives the die hard Wu fans new material. It's also a great way for new fans to check out the Wu and all the members, like: Method Men, Raekwon, ODB, Ghostface, RZA, GZA, U-God, Inspecta Deck and the rest, without downloading random tracks from other places on the net.

I wish more artists and labels posted parts of their back catalogue and alternate tracks on the web for free. It's good for promoting goodwill, and gives new and old fans the best of the old material, that they probably wouldn't have purchased anyways. While the rest of the RIAA is a lost cause, but I hope musicians and those internet marketing bloggers gurus like Seth Godin, Jason Calcanis, Robert Scoble and Steve Rubel are listening. Preach the Way of the Wu, brothers!

Today's Link source: Wired : Listening Post

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U bin dugg.
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