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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Police in Vancouver

I saw the first show of the new comeback tour by The Police in Vancouver last night (May 28, 2007) at GM Place, and thought it was great!

The Police have sooo many great hits!
I don't think there were any covers or new material, but they played all the hits and a few lesser known songs. There were some re-interpretations of a few songs, but it helped inject new energy into them and keep everything fresh.

There were ads shown pre-concert to join the official Police Fanclub.

The show was not too flashy, and kept the emphasis on the music. Wide-open stage, with good views even from behind the stage. There were video screens around the stage, which mostly featured the band. Some nice surprises in the staging, which I won't reveal here, other than a percussion set that rose up behind the drum set, including tympanies and a giant gong.

There were just the three band members on stage, and I noticed extra instrumentation on only one song. Lots of energy from Sting and Stewart Copeland, and everyone seemed happy to be there. The band's musicianship was great, and is really underappreciated, especially drummer Stewart Copeland. Their music has incredible pop sensibility, but the song composition is really unique for a rock, pop or reggae band.

There were two encores, and Sting thanked Vancouver and the Squamish Nation for hosting their concert practices. Great show!!!

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