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Friday, May 18, 2007

Evil Mad Scientists Print Candy

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Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Solid freeform fabrication

3D fabrication is the new computer printer. Create a three dimensional design on your computer, then send it off to the fabricator to get it printed. For a cool intro to 3D printing, check out Clive Thompson's story in Wired about how he designed and printed a guitar.

For now, these Star Trek-like replicators have been confined to labs and manufacturers because fabricators are expensive, and their materials are not cheap either.

Now these Evil Mad Scientists (seriously! that's what they call themselves) have made their own fabricator on the cheap, and are using sugar as their material. That's right, they're printing CANDY! They've made a giant screw, a loopy coil, and a geometric block, all out of SUGAR!!!! Their website has step-by-step descriptions of the the entire process, and describes how they built their fabricator. The Evil Mad Scientists will be at the Maker Faire this weekend in the San Francisco area to show off their work

Aren't mad scientists just sooo cool?

Today's Link source: Buzzfeed

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