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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Coolhunting (daily and weekly versions)

Springwise: Idea Database

Similar to yesterday's entry about Trendwatching, the Springwise folks offer their coolhunting discoveries to the web on a daily basis, and publish a weekly email newsletter. In fact, Springwise and Trendwatching use the same coolhunters.

The focus at Springwise is on individual ideas that companies have released in cities around the world. What's new in Shanghai, New York or Paris? What amazing idea just came out in Austria, South Africa or Australia? It can be so hard to keep up (impossible?) with emerging ideas around the world when we can only be in one single geographic place at any given time.

The site design is elegant and easy to navigate. Oh, and the ideas are pretty cool too: a company selling camera-phone pics, a cookie company to employ women in a poor South African township, giving away free, sponsored bikes. I never would have thought of these ideas on my own.

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