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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Weird music, served fresh everyday

365 Days Project

New for 2007, the 365 Days Project dishes up a slice of very obscure, unusual music every day of the year in the convenient mp3 form. Dug up from thrift store records, old broadcasts, and tapes forgotten in the archives, you’ll discover some old gems, some rotten stinkers, and very, very strange recordings.

Curated by Otis Fodder, the original 365 Days Project was done in 2003 with 1 track every day, and was a resounding success. With more server space available now, the only change in 2007 is that everyday can feature more then just one mp3, so look for single songs to full albums shared by a host of contributors.

This entry is the first of Linkjockey’s weekly Tuesday music theme.

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