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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Independent BC news

The Tyee

It's tough to get different opinions in the news in Vancouver, as the 2 local daily newspapers, one of the national papers, and the most popular TV newscast are all owned by the same company. As documented elsewhere, there are problems that come with the concentration of media ownership.

Thank goodness for The Tyee. The Tyee is an online-only newspaper that brings well-written, solid journalism to British Columbia. They do local, provincial, national and international news, as well as Editorials, Art and Culture, and the occasional sports column. Their most famous columnist is ex-politician and ex-talk show host, Rafe Mair (thank you Vancouver Radio Museum), who exhibits a surprising amount of non-partisan common sense despite his credentials.

They have RSS feeds and a weekly email newsletter to keep you up to date.

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