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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

MP3 aggregator Music Blog Aggregator

Many people have eclectic music tastes, including me. I like checking out emerging bands that might never make it to the mainstream. I like hearing new, different music. Sometimes I hear about bands in newspapers or blogs, and want to check them out, without the commitment of buying the album. These bands can also be difficult to locate via filesharing networks or at your local record store.

I´m not alone in trying to demo these bands´ songs.

There are a lot of blogs that write about bands, and post 1 or 2 of their mp3s (legally, I assume) so that you can get to know each of the artists a little bit better. Great, except that there are a LOT of these blogs, and it can be difficult to track down which blog these artists tracks are posted on.

Enter is a website where you can search all of these music blogs to find free mp3s. Most of the artists are the so-called Indie Bands (probably no Rolling Stones or U2), but there´s a pretty huge collection.

1. Go to
2. Type in the name of the hot new indie artist you´ve heard about.
3. Find articles and mp3s from this band.

It´s like Google for mp3 music hipsters.

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