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Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to get Google to notice you

How to get Google to notice you - USA TODAY

After nearly 3 weeks of writing this excellent daily blog, Google still hasn't noticed me. I googled "Linkjockey" 5 minutes ago and, essentially, I don't exist... at all. There are 9 results that show up from the search, and this blog is not one of them. Boo hoo.

So how does somebody get noticed by Google? Well, this article from USA Today provides a basic introduction into increasing one's ranking in Google searches.

Well, what are some of these ways? Well, I will attempt to use some of these examples in explaining today's post.

1. Have a clear title
Today, I will try to change the name of the blog from "Linkjockey" to "Linkjockey - The Best Site for Cool Daily Links"

2. Have descriptive content using cool words people will search for in Google
Maybe if the Link jockey includes words, such as: "links", "cool", and "daily" "everyday" in the "best blog" on the "web", Google will think highly of the Jockey.

3. Get people to link to you
Just like my dad, Brian Walks, did for my original links website on his Vancouver Radio Museum website

4. Use Google's Keyword Tool to find other helpful Keywords
This is the best way to find cool new keywords for this daily blog site everyday. Or maybe it didn't help at all.

One thing that the article didn't mention is that if you go overboard trying to attract Google's attention, you can your Google ranking can decrease significantly if you try to hype your site too much.

Well, I've made a few adjustments; now I just need help from a few people linking to me.


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