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Saturday, January 13, 2007

What to look for in a new mattress

Going to the Mattesses: Cutting through the marketing gimmicks of the mattress companies

We bought a new mattress a few months ago, and it was a little frustrating.

Mattresses are so expensive. There are a lot of confusing features and specs. What's important? What does it all mean?

Buying a mattress can be a really big investment, and if you spend a third of your life sleeping, shouldn't your mattress be comfortable as possible to ensure you the most restful sleep? You don't want to be tossing and turning in your sleep for YEARS, do you?

Seth Stevenson does some solid investigative reporting on shopping for a mattress. He looks at brand names, coil counts, pillow tops, thickness, box springs, quilting, warranties, and different mattress materials. Guess what? At the risk of oversimplifying, it's all a scam to encourage you to part with more of your money. Don't be distracted by the hype; buy the mattress that's most comfortable for you in the store.

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