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Monday, January 1, 2007

Mega News Aggregator

This is my favourite site of 2006. is a news website that doesn't have any reporters; it's a news aggregator. It grabs the current top 10 news headlines from Google news, Digg, Wired magazine, Yahoo news, Netscape, Fark, NowPublic as well as the top entries on, Flickr, YouTube and more. This means you get hundreds (thousands?) of links to bleeding edge news stories from everywhere on the web. Harness the power of web users finding the best news stories for you.

It's my home page in my browser, and I skim through it every time I open a new window. I have often seen news stories broken here first, literally DAYS before I read them in the local newspaper. The site is well designed, customizable, and allows for fast skimming.

Congratulations! You are now up to date, and have your finger on the pulse of the internet.

Happy New Year!

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