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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

19 Killer Links for Remixing Music

The Linkjockey has been getting a lot of links lately about remixes, so I decided to create a big list of resources for you if you're interested in manipulating sounds to create something new. Here are 19 places you can go to get started, or take your remixing skills further. I will publish and promote anything you create as a result of this post.

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Recording Software

1. Audacity
Open source, free digital audio editor and processor for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

2. Ardour
Free multi-track software for MacOS X and Linux

3. Mixere
Free, open-source Windows NT/2000/XP application for mixing audio files

4. Pro Tools Free
Still available for older operating systems including Macintosh OS 9 (up to 40 MB total) and Windows 98/Me (up to 32 MB total)

5. Computer Music magazine (UK)
While the magazine is not free, it always comes with a CD-Rom or DVD of free software and samples that makes it worth the cover price

Audio Samples

6. ccMixter
Killer site with lots of tracks to remix, samples to download and remixes to listen to, all free and available under Creative Commons license

Free audio samples

8. Real World Remixed Download
Download and remix tracks from Peter Gabriel's Real World label

9. University of Iowa Music Instrument Samples
Samples of orchestral instruments

10. download site
One of the granddaddies of free sample downloads

11. My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
Download and remix tracks from Brian Eno and David Byrne

12. Internet Audio Archive
AMAZING massive archive of all sorts of free audio files, including: poetry, radio shows, live music, foreign language and spoken word. It's the best! Be aware that not everything is Creative Commons.

13. Beastie Boys A Cappella Download Page
Remix Beastie Boys tracks

13b. Splice - Meet. Mix. Mashup.
A remixing-specific community with sample exchanges, forums and finished remixes.

Killer Resources

14. OpenSonics - Open Music Community News and Copyleft Resources on Squidoo
A Squidoo lens promoting awareness of freely available music, audio services, video and software within the Open Music/ Creative Commons community.

15. Free Sounds: Legal Audio Samples, Loops, Freeware, Music and Video Downloads on Squidoo
Another Squidoo lens with links to some great sites for audio samples and software

16. Dave's Imaginary Sound Space
A long link list of more technical sites with free software, plugins, DSP and recording resources


17. Manifesto

18. Creative Commons
The legal alternative to Copyright

19. sounds like silver : lcd soundsystem remixed
Unofficial remixes of LCD Soundsystem's "Sounds of Silver" cd, available for free download. Same people that remixed albums by the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. Good stuff!

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