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Friday, March 9, 2007

Self-Guided Walking Tours in Vancouver

Vancouver : Walking Tours

Walking is great! I like to walk. It’s even my name: Chris Walks.

I also feel that walking is best way to explore and get a real feel for a place. You get to experience the people, the buildings, the businesses and the flows of the community. You notice things and discover the secrets that you would otherwise just drive right past. If you're in a different culture, then you notice lots of tiny differences from your own. Walking is free. It's good for your health and the environment.
Today's link is from Frommers, the travel guide publishers. Their website is very well done, and seems very informative, detailed and well designed. It's not just a teaser for their books. For many cities, they have multiple walking tours, including maps.

If you’re visiting (or just exploring) beautiful Vancouver, these are some great routes for trekking round the city. Frommers has three different walking tours of Vancouver: Downtown & The West End, Gastown & Chinatown and Yaletown, Granville Island & Kitsilano. You might not need any guidebook or escorted tours if you can see it all on your own. The Vancouver tours are so good, I'm inclined to use Frommers walking tours whenever I travel. What a great budget travel site!

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azngal said...

arghgh they are missing one of the hottest spots in Vancouver right now, that's right Kitsilano/4th avenue.