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Monday, March 26, 2007

Worst Art contest

International Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest

In their words: "The contest is named after the founder and supreme master of the Disumbrationist School of Art. The challenge is to produce the worst picture ever painted."

Worst picture ever painted, eh? It's actually quite the challenge.

There are lots of examples from the 2006 contest, as well as the current 2007 contest.
It's pretty strange that when some people try to make truly horrible paintings, they create something that might "pass" as an actual, legitimate painting. It's amazing at how far these "artists" have to go to create something that is truly terrible. It's LOL humourous!

The sweet irony is that because of the notoriety of this "event", the brilliance that it takes to create a horrible painting and the irony of it all, the top entries would probably become "Art".

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