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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Education wants to be free

Self-Made Scholar

Self-Made Scholar has combed the web for audio, video, email, and text-based courses – all of which are available for free. If there's a field you'd like to study, they probably have it: languages, business, the arts, social sciences, cooking, world religions, etc. Sure you can search for information on the net, but there's a lot to be gained by going through a structured course with a learning plan.

Maybe you don't need to spend all that money on a university education after all.


EvenMe said...

This is a great! Cool = so many helpful and extrememly interesting links . . . thanks a million. Uncool = "Walking is great! I like to walk. It’s even my name: Chris Walks" . . . ooops. But maybe it's cool to use uncool humour.

Christopher Walks said...

Yeah, in hindsight the walking thing is pretty tacky.

I've been stuck with a rather un-Googleable name, and this was a lame attempt to try to get my name,
Chris Walks, a marginally higher profile, and link my name to this site.

I'll try to be a little less obvious in the future.