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Friday, March 30, 2007

Help with your Google searches

Google Suggests

When you're searching, sometimes it's difficult to figure out what the best words to use for your search. Sometimes I mispell words.

Google Suggests tries to guess what you are going to type, and offers suggestions and refinements. These suggestions and recommendations can help you find ideas that you'd never even thought of before. They have an FAQ here.

For example, if you type in "Vancouver", Google suggests:
"Vancouver Sun" (daily newspaper)
"Vancouver weather"
"Vancouver canucks" (hockey)
"Vancouver airport"
"Vancouver public library"
"Vancouver craigslist"
"Vancouver giants" (junior hockey)
"Vancouver bc"
"Vancouver aquarium"
"Vancouver school board"

If I type "Vancouver r", I get:
"Vancouver restaurants"
"Vancouver real estate"
"Vancouver radio stations"
"Vancouver rentals"
"Vancouver radio", etc

Hmm cool, but I could probably figure out what I was looking for in Vancouver on my own. What if I wasn't sure what I was looking for?

Search: "origami" (Japanese paper folding)
Results: "origami crane"
"origami instructions"
"origami box"
"origami star"
"origami rose"
"origami paper"
"origami diagram"
"origami flower"
"origami flowers"
"origami swan"
Neat, so I could have found something cool, that I didn't even know existed before: an origami swan.

Search "scuba diving in"
"scuba diving in Hawaii"
"scuba diving in Thailand"
"scuba diving insurance"
"scuba diving in Florida"
"scuba diving in Australia"
"scuba diving information"
"scuba diving in Belize"
"scuba diving in Costa Rica"
"scuba diving in Cuba", etc

Wow!!! I'm getting excited about traveling already, and I've never even learned to scuba dive.

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