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Friday, March 23, 2007

Net Surfin' ain't easy!

Man, surfing the net for links CAN be hard work. My favourite site of 2006, my favorite news site, and my best site for links is popurls. They have tons of the best fresh, fresh links, but I've talked about them before. Fantastic! It just takes TIME to go through all the headlines, with linkbaiting titles.

Amanda Congdon is some kind of minor media celebrity, but she does her homework. Every day she posts her Today's 5 from popurls, and she generally gets it right. I say "generally", because out of roughly 386 headlines on popurls at any given time, opinions can vary, and she normally picks 2 or 3 of my favourites. Very nice.

Today's 5 picks:
- Obama Pastor rips NY Times a new one, gently (via reddit)
- NBC, Newscorp launch YouTube rival with AOL, MSN, MySpace, Yahoo
- Digital Art Made from Lava and Cactuses (via NowPublic)
- YT Video Awards Fashion Recap
- 10 Most Magnificant Trees in the World

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